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The ability to be present with body sensations is a foundational component of healing. I help clients and students ground themselves in the present and establish a sense of safety in their bodies through compassionate, competent, and trauma-informed massage therapy and yoga teaching. I believe in empowering clients as the leaders of their own healing and aim to work alongside them in a supporting role, forming a therapeutic alliance in the progress toward their goals. I love what I do! 

My Approach


What do I mean by "trauma-informed"?

The term "trauma-informed" may mean different things to different people. Here, I'd like to clarify what it means to me and the ways in which I strive to be trauma-informed in my massage therapy practice. 

  • I acknowledge that trauma doesn't happen in a vacuum, but is perpetuated by systems of harm. 

  • I work within the nervous system's window of tolerance. In alignment with the client's goals and with their consent, I work with them to incrementally expand their capacity for presence with tolerable body sensations, not to re-traumatize them or confront them with pain.  

  • I hold space for and normalize emotional releases and triggered reactions. 

  • I share grounding and breathwork practices as well as tools from Somatic Experiencing®, like orienting and pendulation, that can be integrated into clients' everyday lives. 

  • I educate clients on treatment modalities and my planned treatment approach, getting informed consent before moving forward. 

  • We will take breaks, pauses, check-ins, and have time for questions. 

  • Options are always provided: eyes can be open or closed, clients may assume a position on the table that's comfortable and safe to them, clients can dress to their level of comfort, clients can specify areas of the body they would prefer I don't work with, and there is always permission to opt-out.

  • I cultivate a safe and secure space by locking the door of the treatment room during sessions, keeping the treatment room well-lit, and working in a building with low noise levels. 

Therapist Referral Program

Are you a therapist or other healing practitioner looking to refer your clients to a trauma-informed massage therapist? I would love to work with your clients, particularly those living with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Please contact me for more information about my therapeutic approach or with any other questions you may have. 

Thanks for submitting!

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